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Carmen Cassani's Story
Ben's Book for Sale!
Stanley Austin Getchell (1928-2014)
Carmen Cassani Narrative (April 1982) 
Genealogy News

• Family Genealogy Database Now at 25,432 Individuals! (May 27, 2020) 
• Was Amiziah Reed a Scout for Gen. George Armstrong Custer? (April 2012)
• DNA Tests Prove Newhouse Origins in America (January 2009)
• Descendants of Patrick Reed (Aug 2004)
• Updates to both Cassani Photo Ancestry and Strack Photo Ancestry (January 2004)
• Detailed Family Genealogy Reports Updated (Sept 7 2003)
• Alexander/McClelland Ancestors (October 2002)
• Family Tree Charts (September 2002)
• Newhouse Cousin Great Contributor to Aviation Advances (November 1998)
• Newhouse Ancestors Among First Pioneers in Ohio (July 1914)
• Ancestor, Colonel Spangler, An Early Settler of Fairfield County, Ohio (1901)
• Machias Rebels Capture British schooner at Start of Revolutionary War (June 1775)
• Ancestors Among Early Settlers in Palatine Migration to Tulpehocken, PA (1732)
• The Kobel Massacre (November 1755)
• Elisha Gatchell, Justice of the Peace, Jailed Twice (1881)
• Jeremiah Gatchell Migrates from Massachusetts to Philadelphia (Abt 1704)
• Hannah Duston Escapes Indian Kidnapping (April 1697)
• Joseph Gatchell Punished for Heresy (April 1697)
• The Great Corwin Burglary (March 6, 1683/1684)  

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Family News

• Newbury Market has added Top Golf.  Carvana is under construction and due to open soon.  And Blaze Pizza recently opened in the Gateway Shops at the entrance to the development.  Eric Newhouse is Newbury Project Manager for the Developer, EQA Landmark Communities (Jan 2019)
• Stanley Getchell, Family Patriach, Passes Away (Dec 2014)
• 'Music Composition for Film and TV' online class for Berklee College of Music, Authored and Taught by Ben Newhouse (July 2011)
• Walter Getchell, with Brothers Stan and Ken, Leads Family Song Fest (July 2009)
• Eric Newhouse Receives Certification as a Registered Architect by the State of Pennsylvania (May 2009) 
• Advanced Online 'Orchestration II' Class for Berklee College of Music, Authored and Taught by Ben Newhouse (April 2009)
• Susan (Dolber) Getchell Passes Away (Feb 2009) 
• Online 'Orchestration I' Class for Berklee College of Music, Authored and Taught by Ben (January 2009)
• Office Coordinator for Morning Star Pregnancy Services in New Cumberland is Norma Newhouse (November 2008)
• Newbury Market Project, Eric is Project Manager for Developer EQA Landmark Communities (September 2008)
• Lotophagi -- a Short Story Started by Wynter Reed Newhouse, Finished by Dean Newhouse (July 2006)
• It's The Bosses' Fault -- a Short Story by Wynter Reed Newhouse (June 2006)
• A Young Man Who Survived -- a Short Story by Wynter Reed Newhouse (June 2006)
• Ben Newhouse Graduates with MBA from USC's Marshall School of Business (May 2006)
• Pigs, Shantyboats, and a Thick Waistline, a Short Story Written by Wynter Reed Newhouse (August 2005)
• Ben Newhouse Authors New Book (July 2004)
• Family Reunion Trip to Machias Seal Island (July 2001)
• Ruth Newhouse, Our Beloved Family Icon, Passes Away (June 2000)
• Wynter Newhouse, Family Father, Passes Away (March 1993)
• Narrative of Carmen Cassani's Youth in Italy (April 1982) 

Walter Getchell, Marshfield, Maine -- video clips on YouTube (July 2009) 
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