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Barn in Fall Red Barn in Autumn
Barn in Winter Same view in Winter

Arizona's San Francisco Mountains San Francisco Peak in Arizona!
A view of the San Francisco Mountains near Flagstaff, Arizona, in early March of 1996.

Gallows Bird! Robin Gallows!
If ever there was a true picture of a "gallows bird", this is it. But the real robin puzzle is, how could this have happened? Known facts: It was a clear and windy afternoon in spring. The picture was taken at about 3:30 pm EST. Prime nesting season for robins. Speculation: The robin found the loose string. Picked it up for nesting material and flew to the wire. The wind wrapped the one end around the wire. The robin had hold of an end that unfortunately had a loop in it, or a it turned out. Then the robin took off...but quickly reached the end of the string, and personal tragedy struck!

Pennsylvania Swamp Scene in Winter Pennsylvania Swamp Scene in Winter
Michigan Swamp in Spring Michigan Swamp in Spring

Raccoons Trashing It

Coon Party.
A family of raccoons spent the night feasting on garbage in a campground dumpster in Piseco, NY. After the photo session, they were able to exit when we leaned a long branch into the dumpster so they could climb out.

Ibis Aerodynamics Glossy Ibis in Flight.
Nature's hunchback of flight. Photo taken in Avalon, NJ. They don't build jet fighters that look like this.

Moldy Rice Bowl Moldy Rice Bowl

Newly Hatched
Robin Hatchlings
Nestling Robins

Roadkill! Dead Milk Snake
This Milk Snake didn't make it across the road!
  Baby Black Rat Snake Baby Black Rat Snake
Egads! This young Black Rat Snake got himself stuck inside our house!

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