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Jeremiah Gatchell Moves to Philadelphia
Updated 5:32 PM ET Nov 29, 2002

Essex County, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, PA (about 1704) -- According to "The Inter-Colonial Grimstone Boude and His Family" by Francis James Dallett, F. A. S. G., published in "The Genealogist", Vol. 2, 1981, Jeremiah Gatchell1 of Marblehead, Massachusetts, moved from Marblehead to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, most likely at the suggestion of his wife's brother Grimstone Boude, who had already moved from the Boston-Marblehead area to Philadelphia.

His wife at the time, Elizabeth Boude, evidently remained in Marblehead, and on May 12, 1704 Jeremiah Gatchell gave her power of attorney to dispose of his property in Essex County, Massachusetts. Author Francis Dallett cited the New England Historical & Genealogical Register 10:70 (1856) for the power of attorney record. Dallett then cited the Essex County, Massachusetts, deeds, 65:241-242, as follows: In the 1704 power of attorney, Jeremiah Gatchell refers to himself as "late of ye County of Essex in ye Collony of ye Massachusetts In New Engd but now of ye City of Philadelphia In the Province of Pensilvania".

In the fall of 1713 Jeremiah's son and namesake, Jeremiah Gatchell, Jr., visited his father in Philadelphia in order that Jeremiah Gatchell Sr. could officially transfer ownership of his Marblehead properties to his son. Dallett reported this transfer from the Essex County, Massachusetts, deeds (27:46-48) as follows: "On 23 October 1713 Jeremiah Gatchell 'the Elder of Philadelphia wheelwright' conveyed the three 10-acre lots in Marblehead received from his parents to Jeremiah Gatchell, junior, 'of Marblehead but now in Philadelphia', who had already held them under lease, the consideration being love and affection and the yearly rent of 6 to his father as well as a provision that within a year of the grantor's death the grantee would pay 100 to Joseph Gatchell and Dorothy Gatchell or, if they be dead, to Sarah and Lydia Gatchell, his brother and sisters." Dallett stated that Jeremiah, Jr.; Joseph, and Dorothy all remained in Marblehead. Elisha Gatchell, the eldest son of Jeremiah Gatchell, Sr., witnessed this deed transaction, and Elisha, Sarah and Lydia all stayed in Philadelphia with their father.

Sometime after 1713, Jeremiah married for a third time, this time to Katherine (Moll) Conyhane. Katherine had also been twice married, the first time to John Moll, a wealthy merchant from New Castle, Delaware, and Katherine had been the fortunate heiress to Moll's large estate.

In 1722, Jeremiah's son Elisha Gatchell severed any remaining spiritual ties to the Puritan culture of his New England past when he joined a Quaker group in nearby Chester County, Pennsylvania. And many of Elisha's descendants maintained this Quaker following for generations.

Some genealogy researchers have periodically argued that Elisha Gatchell represents a separate migration from England to America, unconnected to the original New England Gatchells and Getchells. However, the account on Jeremiah Gatchell's family documented in "The Inter-Colonial Grimstone Boude and His Family" researched and written by Francis James Dallett, F. A. S. G., should put that suggestion to rest for good. This article is thoroughly researched and solidly substantiated by multiple, detailed references from court records found both in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in Essex County, Massachusetts. It's a "must-read" for all descendants of Elisha Gatchell of Philadelphia and Nottingham, Pennsylvania, especially pages 82-85, which detail the family of Jeremiah Gatchell and Elizabeth Boude, the sister of Grimstone Boude. After Dallett's work in this article, there can be no doubt that Elisha Gatchell of Pennsylvania and all his descendants are direct descendants of the original New England Gatchell immigrants.


1Jeremiah Gatchell was the first cousin of Stanley Getchell's 6th great-grandfather Samuel Gatchell, Jr. of Salisbury, Massachusetts. Jeremiah's father John Gatchell was the brother of Stanley's 7th great-grandfather Samuel Gatchell, Sr., who immigrated from England and settled in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

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