Strack/Rex Family and Ancestors Photo Album 

Wynter & Ruth
Wynter Newhouse & his wife Ruth Strack
Wynter Newhouse and Ruth Strack Newhouse at age 25, circa 1940. Or is it Clark Gable and his leading lady?
Ruth Strack Newhouse in 1957
Ruth Strack Newhouse in 1957
Strack Family
Strack Family
The young family of William Henry Strack and his wife Charlotte Rex. Daughter Ruth Leta Strack, left most child; Raymond Strack, in center; and Ruth's twin brother, Carl Strack.
  William Henry Strack William Strack
Viola Charlotte Rex Charlotte Rex.
William Strack's wife. Daughter of Gustav and Augusta Rex.
Emilia Lawrence Emilia Lawrence.
Karl Heinrich Strack's wife.
Karl Heinrich Strack Karl Heinrich Strack
Gustav Rex Gustav Rex
Augusta Lunau Augusta "Justine" Lunau
Gustav Rex's wife.
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