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Updated 4:43 PM ET June 5, 2020

Cyberspace Odyssey (June 5, 2020) - The latest updates to the Newhouse Family Webpages include:

• Our family tree database keeps growing, and as of June 5, 2020, it contains the names of 25,432 individuals, all connected by blood or marriage. You can see the details of various family trees that have been updated and posted in PDF format at our family web site. The latest versions of these PDF trees contain updates to Newhouse, Getchell/Gatchell, Bowker, Berry, Hatch, Dieffenbach/Defenbaugh, Patrick Reed, Alexander, Thomas, McClelland, Hess, Strack, and Rex ancestors, among others drawn from our family tree database.

Most recently, significant additions were made to the family tree database to accommodate the newly discovered ancestral line going directly back to Robert Treat (1622/24 - 1710) who was a founder of Newark, New Jersey, and an military hero and governor of colonial Connecticut. He is credited with leading the Connecticut troops that turned the tide in the "Great Swamp Fight" against King Philip in 1675 in the King Philip's War. Other renowned direct descendents of Robert Treat include Thomes Edison, Jodie Foster, and Thomas J. Watson, among others, all of whom are distant cousins on our family tree.

I have found additional direct connections to other New England ancestors by reviewing the work of Walter Goodwin Davis, a reowned genealogist who documented many common ancestors who lived in Massachusetts and Maine.

And the database includes lineage connections to many different Presidents of the United States who have a common heritage, mostly back in the New England area. I have gone through the book entitled "Ancestors of American Presidents". On the Getchell side, the family lineage connects directly to common ancestors with 12 presidents! Meaning that all these 12 presidents are distant cousins. These Presidential cousins include Gerald Ford, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Pierce, Millard Fillmore, Calvin Coolidge, Grover Cleveland, William H. Taft, Franklin Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon.

This business gets even more intriguing. When making these updates to the genealogy database with specifics such as birth, death and marriage dates for the Getchell connections to the Bush presidents, I surprisingly noticed that the Bushes also descend from a Susan Alexander and John Shannon, who lived in central PA in the middle 1700s. Susan Alexander and John Shannon were already in the family database on the Newhouse ancestral side. The father of Susan Alexander is Jacob Alexander, and Jacob and her brother William Alexander are Newhouse ancestors via several maternal links, specifically via a McClelland ancestor who married an Alexander. This makes Jacob Alexander a common ancestor between the Newhouse family and the Bush Presidents. To be precise, it means that George H. W. Bush is a 7th cousin, and George W. Bush is an 8th cousin to Marty, Eric and Ben, and to their Newhouse 1st cousins.

As a result, there are ancestral linkages to three presidents via the Newhouse side of the family. James Polk is the other one. He is a 4th cousin six times removed. He is connected through Newhouse ancestral connections to the Thomas family, which came from Virginia and moved to Ohio. The Polk line supposedly goes back to Fulbert the Saxon, an ancestor and illustrious warrior for William the Conqueror of England. For his deeds in battle, Fulbert was awarded extensive lands in Scotland.

• As of Jan. 05, 2019, EQA Landmark Communities continues with the development of the Newbury Market multipurpose development area. Top Golf opened a new entertainment facility this past summer, in July 2018, and Carvana is currently under construction and will be opening soon. At the entrance to the development, the Gateway Shops recently added a new restaurant Blaze Pizza. Eric Newhouse is Newbury Project Manager for EQA-LC.

• On June 20, 2015, the extended family and friends gathered in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, to honor and bury our beloved family patriach, Stanley Austin Getchell, who passed away this past December 23rd. See obituary.

• On March 28th, 2012, we added the transcript of the biography of another ancester Colonel Samuel S. Spangler. Sam was a very early settler of Fairfield County, Ohio, and he became deeply involved in the early affairs and politics of that area as it became established.

Ben Newhouse designed, authored and is now teaching another new online college course. The course Music Composition for Film and TV is available for college credit from the Berklee College of Music and it's taught by Ben.

• On July 11, 2009, the extended family gathered in Machias and Marshfield, Maine, in memory of Sue Getchell, who passed away this past February. See video clips of her husband Walter, his brothers and others, as they sing at the family gathering, as they always have, in Sue's honor.

• On May 12th, 2009, Eric Newhouse was granted full certification as a Registered Architect by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

• At the 2009 UCEA Annual Conference during the first week of April, an online college course designed, authored and taught by Ben Newhouse was given the 2009 Meritorious Course Award for an online college course by the University Continuing Education Association (UCEA). The course Orchestration I is given for college credit by the Berklee College of Music and it's taught by Ben. Ben and Berklee have also produced a 2nd more advanced course in orchestration, Orchestration II. Both these orchestration courses are part of the required curriculum for students interested in obtaining a Master Certificate in Arranging and Orchestration through Berklee. Additionally, Ben still teaches an earlier online class he developed for the Berklee, Digital Performer, via online classes at

Eric Newhouse is currently the project manager for Newbury Market a mixed-use brownfield redevelopment project being developed by EQA Landmark Properties of Pittsburgh, PA. The Newbury Market project is a $240-million residential and commercial development now under construction in South Fayette Township, a suburban community just south of Pittsburgh. Ground was broken on September 10, 2008. The community will feature 200 acres of residential space and 130 acres of open space for parks, trails, and tree-lined streets. In addition, the commercial portion of Newbury Market will anchor the project. It is a 100-acre site that will include more than 900,000 square feet of retail space, restaurants, plazas, offices and a hotel. This project is expected to create more than 2,000 new jobs.

Norma Jean Newhouse is now volunteer counselor for the New Cumberland, PA office of Morning Star Pregnancy Services for abortion clinic alternatives. Morning Star provides free information and services concerning pregnancies, adoption, parenting, sexually transmitted diseases and abortion procedures. Abortion alternatives encouraged. Free pregnancy testing, ultrasound services and STD testing available.

• Thanks to DNA tests conducted by Family Tree DNA on samples provided by various living Newhouse cousins, there is strong DNA evidence that our Newhouse ancestry is directly connected to a papermaker named Anthony Newhouse, who lived in Germantown, near Philadelphia, in the 1740s and 1750s. This Anthony Newhouse provided paper supplies for Benjamin Franklin's printing press. This same DNA evidence, along with other documented evidence, refutes the 1914 claim by John Richey Newhouse that our Newhouse ancestry goes back to the Revolutionary seaman named Anthony Newhouse, who died in service with the Virginia State Navy in 1780. Newhouse Origins in America discusses this evidence and the most likely possibilities as to who our original Newhouse immigrants might have been.

• The family tree updates include genealogy stories and connections, including the Great Corwin Burglary of Salem, Massachusetts; family connections to the royal British family through the late Princess Diana, and finally absolute proof on the direct relationship between the original New England Gatchell immigrants and the Gatchell Quakers of Pennsylvania. All this and more at our Family Tree Maker site and within our PDF reports at our family web site.

• The publication of more short stories written by Wynter Reed Newhouse. Three of them: It's The Bosses' Fault, A Young Man Who Survived, and lastly, Lotophagi, a story started by Wynter Newhouse in October 1932 and recently finished by Dean Newhouse in June 2006.

• Publication of a short story, About Pigs, Shantyboats, and a Thick Waistline written by Wynter Reed Newhouse.

• Evidence exists that our ancestor Amiziah Reed was a scout with the 7th cavalry just before "Custer's Last Stand" at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876? Also see Amiziah's genealogy.

• We've added a photo ancestry of the Cassani Family. This page contains an album of pictures of Carmen Cassani and both her ancestors and descendants.

• Check out pictures of our Strack ancestors.

• Review the transcribed will of John Newhouse of 1754, as well as his estate's probate record of 1756.

Palatine ancestors among Pennsylania "invaders" in the 1720s.

• The Kobel Massacre.

 Wynter's Short Stories...

Lotophagi (published July 2006)

It's The Bosses' Fault (published Jun 2006)

A Young Man Who Survived (published Jun 2006)

About Pigs, Shantyboats, and a Thick Waistline (published Aug 2005)

 Other Stories...

Newhouse Origins in America (January 2009)

Was Amiziah Reed a Scout for Gen. George Armstrong Custer? (July 2004)

Ruth Newhouse, Our Beloved Family Icon, Passes Away (June 2000)

Wynter Newhouse, Family Father, Passes Away (March 1993)

Newhouse Cousin Great Contributor to Aviation Advances (Oct 2000)

Narrative of Carmen Cassani's Youth in Italy (April 1982)

Newhouse Ancestors Among First Pioneers in Ohio (1914)

Kobel Massacre (November 1755)

Ancestors Among Early Settlers in Palatine Migration to Tulpehocken, PA (1732)

The Great Corwin Burglary (March 6, 1683/1684)

Joseph Gatchell Punished for Heresy (July 1684)

Hannah Duston Escapes Indian Kidnapping (April 1697)

Jeremiah Gatchell Migrates to Pennsylvania (Abt 1704)

Machias Rebels Capture British schooner at Start of Revolutionary War (June 1775)

Elisha Gatchell, Justice of the Peace, Jailed Twice (1881)

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