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The Will of John Newhouse, April 15, 1754
Updated 9:27 PM ET, Feb 6, 2001

Philadelphia County, PA (August 31, 1756) - The following is a transcription of the will written by John Newhouse and the probate of his property.

Will Book K, Page 1210, Volume 1747-1763

Transcribed in original spelling and grammar by Richard A. Kelanic Newhouse, December 27, 2000

Cover: John Newhouse His Will

Cover: "Philad. 31st August 1756, Then personally appeared Jacob Umstat and John Hall the witnesses to the foregoing Mi-[illegible] on their Solemn Affirmation according to Law & Declare they Saw and heard John Newhouse the Testator therein named Sign Seal Publish and Declare the same Will for and as his last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of Sound Mind Memory of Understanding to the best of their Knowledge"

Coram [Signature] Wm Plumstock Register

"In the Name of God Amen

The Fifteenth Day of April 1754 I John Newhous of the Township of Providence in the County of Philadelphia and Providence of Pensylvania Yeoman Being weak in body but of Perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto god Therefore Calling unto mind the Mortality of my Body do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament that is to say first of all I recommend my Soul into the hands Almighty god that Gave it and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian Like and Decent Manner at the Descretion of my Ex,s and As touching my Little worldly Estate I give Demis and Dispose of the Same in the following Manner and form.

Imprimis I Give & Bequeath to Anna Mary my third and Last Beloved wife all my Estate Both real And Personal by her freely to be Possessed and Enjoyed and to the Only Proper Use and Behoof of her During her life and Likewise Do make Constitute and Ordain her my Sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament to be Executed in the following manner


First I Order that all my Just Debts and funeral Charges be paid and satisfied Out of my whole Estate After my Decease

Secondly my first born son Antony of my first wife [This line is obscure because of a tape applied to hold the document together. The name appears to be "Agnes"] hath Received and Anticipated his share in full and shall and Cannot make the Least Clame to the remnant of my Estate After my Decease Except five Shillings more shall be further Advanced and paid unto him

Thirdly my Second son John Born of my second wife Magdalen hath Ben a Disobedient Child unto me And made me About forty Pound Debt which I Paid for him he hath also Anticipated and Received his share more than full and therefore shall and Cannot make the Least Claim to the Remnant of my Estate Real or Personal.

Fourthly my Oldest Daughter Magdalene Born of my second wife hath Received and Anticipated for her Share in full fifteen Pounds Part in goods and Part in Money & She Shall have and make no Clame to the Remnant of my Estate after my Decease.

Fifthly I Give and Bequath unto my Daughter Euphronica the Sum of three pounds Current money of Pennsylvania to be paid to her by my Younger Daughter Eva and my Step Son of my third wife whose name is Vallentine after mine and my wifes Decease

Sixthly my s'd Daughter Eva and s'd Step son Vallentine shall Devide the Remainder of my Estate Both Real and Personal After mine and my wifes Decease as afores'd into two Equil Shares and Each of them shall Possess and Enjoy their share freely forever But in Case my s'd Step son Vallentine shall come to Die Before he Leaves Lawfull Issue than his Share Shall fall wholy to my s'd Daughter Eva And I do hereby Utterly Disalow Revoke and Disanull all and Every Other former Testaments wills Legasies & Bequests and Ex s by me in Any wife Before Named of Mentioned

Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last will and Testament In Witness where of I have here unto Let my hand & Seal Dated the day and Year Above written

[His signature] John [his X mark] Newhouse

Signed sealed Published pronounced And Declared by this s'd John Newhouse As his Last will and Testament in the presents of Us [Signature] Jacob Umstat [Signature] John Hall 1756 Aug'st 31st Ex

"The Accompt of Marguret Newhouse Widow Relick and Sole Executorix of the Last Will and Testament of John Newhouse Sen. Deceased of all and singular the Goods and Chattells Rights and Credits which were of this dec. Testator as well of all and singular the Goods Chattells Rights and Credits which were of this Testator which came to the Hands of this Accomptant as of her several Payments and Disbursements out of the same which are as follows viz."


"This said Accompant charges herself with all and singular the Goods and Chattells with Real Estate Rights & Credits which were of the said ment'd in an Invent. Thereof exhibited remaining in the Register Gen'l Office at Philad'a sums to } 37.2.0."

.S.P. [Pounds Shillings Pence] Item "This said Accomptant prays allowance for Her several Payments and Disbursements out of the same which are as follows viz."

    S P
By cash paid James Betson for d Test'or's Coffin as per Rec 1.3.0
By Ditto paid Henry Marsteller for Liquor used at
The Testators Funeral as per Receipt }
By Ditto p'd Sam'l Lane for Cheese used at d Funeral
As per Ditto }
By Ditto p'd Regis'r Gen'l for Proving the Will d.
And the Witnesses }
By Ditto paid the office for mak'g up d. Accompts 1.17.6
By the Real Estate remaining unsold 28.0.0
Balance bequeathed to this Accomptant
To be divided after her Decease agreeable to
The Testators Will}

Philadelphia August 2'd 1757 Errors excepted

[Signature] Margaret (her X mark) Newhouse Test:

"A true And Just Inventory of the Goods and Chattles of John Newhouse Deceased of Providence Township that Came to Our Knowledge Appraised August the 30th 1756" Signed By Vz
[Signatures] John Schrack Edward Lanes

    S P
To the Wearing Apparele ------------------------------------------------- 1.10.0
To two Iron Plates of a Stove -------------------------------------------- 0.10.0
To ten yards of Linning --------------------------------------------------- 1.00.0
To two Bushels of Flax Seed -------------------------------------------- 0.04.0
To five old Baggs ---------------------------------------------------------- 0.05.0
To Kitchen Furniture ----------------------------------------------------- 0.08.0
To two Small Iron Potts and Pot Racks -------------------------------- 0.07.0
To A Small Brass Kittle -------------------------------------------------- 0.05.0
To two Tubs and old Pail and A Churn --------------------------------- 0.06.0
To two old Caggs ---------------------------------------------------------- 0.02.0
To two old Chairs and A Cane ------------------------------------------- 0.03.0
To A little Spinning Wheel and Real ----------------------------------- 0.05.0
To A Brown Cow ---------------------------------------------------------- 2.15.0
To Hay ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.05.0
To A White Sheates ------------------------------------------------------- 0.05.0
To A ax two mall Rings and one Wedge ------------------------------- 0.06.0
To A Dung Hooch and Fork and A old Wheel Barrow --------------- 0.05.0
To Five Acres of Land With An Improvement on it ------------------ 28.00.0

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